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International Exchange with German schools has a long tradition in our school. The first exchange – with students from Berlin – took place in 1990.

Since 1992 exchange with Quenstedt Gymnasium Moessingen has taken place every year. Over the past 20 years German teachers and pupils from “LO im. Stanisława Konarskiego” (Konarski College Preparatory in Oświęcim) have received guests – school children with their teachers – from schools in Dortmund and Neruppin (a small town 20 kilometers from Berlin).

The main aim of the exchange program is to establish closer contact between youth from different countries. Guests from Germany spend 8 days in the homes of Polish families and then German families reciprocate. This two-way hospitality enables our pupils to meet their peers, encounter foreign culture and see what the average day and relationships in German houses are like. They can then compare those experiences with the academic knowledge they have gained in school. The opportunity to improve foreign language skills is also very useful. For many pupils it is a big challenge, but Polish pupils often admit that this is when they overcome their fear of using foreign language. The experiences gained abroad are invaluable.

The international exchange programme in Poland and Germany is realized thanks to the support of PNWM Polsko-Niemiecka Współpraca Młodzieży (Polish-German Youth Collaboration).